Yannick De Witte is a young belgian jewelry designer that is inspired by nature, architecture, art and culture.

After two years studying jewelry design at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp he decided to go his own way. That same year he started his first collection and several invitations to present his work during the Paris fashionweek soon followed.

Meanwhile he worked with some designers and fashion students from the Academy to provide their collections with his jewelry.

Yannick De Witte sees his jewelry more as geometric objects that you can shape in every angle. He believes in simplicity, the perfection of imperfection and the mark of the hand. There's always a basic concept but he lets the materials, such as plastic, rubber, metals, bones and (semi-precious) stones, take the lead in the production process and let them decide for the end result.

Almost everything is handmade which definitely contributes to their value.